“In life we do not attract what we want, but rather what we are!”
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ph.D.
Many times life’s circumstances or interpersonal relationships can cause us to believe we are being victimized, or at least unfairly treated.  It is often difficult in the moment to realize that we, ourselves, are actually creating this point of view. But, this is a truth that can be understood better, once we examine the mental perceptions we are choosing.  These perceptions first begin from the way we decide to think about our  experiences. They can color our reality in many unhealthy and unhappy ways

Real power for change comes from inside us…

When we continue to interpret our life circumstances from a victim mentality, we are creating a drama, or a chaotic story, in out head.  A drama that is not unlike the tiresome soap operas played out on the TV. Indeed, as on the TV, a false egocentric myth is being created along with many false perceptions.  The result can be havoc in our relationships, our finances, our health, at work, and in other areas of life. No one but us has the power to change our mental perceptions.  This, however, is really great news!

Be aware of the drama you are creating…

Upon further examination, we can see how self-awareness opens up the possibility for  empowering us. The next step is to take an honest look at what unhealthy thoughts and feelings we are creating within our mind and body.  Once we courageously look at our “interpretation” of our life’s story, we can decide to choose a kinder, more loving and forgiving perception of the event or person.

Choose a new vision and become empowered…

As we contemplate our experiences with  new vision, our internal chaotic story begins to shift.  We can start to become more flexible and tolerant in our thinking about it.  Slowly our feelings become calmer as well. A new and healthier perception emerges.  One that carries less negativity and discourse.  No longer do we interpret our situation as one of victim. Our physical body and emotional body benefit from a more peaceful mental attitude. When we are more peaceful, we can access greater mental and creative energy.  We become empowered.
The life we live externally is a mirror image of our internal life.  Drama perceived in the world around  us, internalizes, and becomes chaos within us.

Helpful exercises for self awareness & perception changes:

  1. How have I created the “identity” of victim, and how do I continue to perpetuate it?
  2. What people or situations are holding me back or keeping me a victim?
  3. How can I change my mind from seeing certain individuals or situations as blocks in my life?
  4. What new and empowering actions can  I begin?
  5. I will start taking these new and empowering actions for positive change, when?
  6. I commit to refrain from talking about or complaining about the above circumstances   or people, as this behavior only reinforces my worn out identity as a victim.  This behavior is a trap for me.  Therefore, I agree to stop it immediately.

Remember, you are creating tomorrow’s life experiences by the choices you make moment to moment.  Choose wisely!