February is often referred to as the month of love and romance.  On Valentine’s Day, February 14, couples prepare for special  celebrations that focus on their intimate relationships.  This can be an exciting and even renewing experience of togetherness.
The focus on couples, however, can easily ignore the fact that many in our culture are living single lifestyles.  Whatever their reasons, vast numbers of men and women will not be taking part in any Valentine’s Day activities with  a significant other.
I would like to suggest that these individuals can still  participate in a February celebration of love.  Not only can they participate, but I believe it is beneficial that they do so. For those living the single lifestyle can honor their most intimate relationship, the one they have with ourselves.  It is special and needs to be treated as such.
                      Let’s explore some ways this lifestyle may be honored:

1.  Live your life as it is today.  Whether you have a partner in the future, or not, you are completely responsible for your own happiness. Begin to create happiness in your life now.
2. Spend time upgrading your relationship with yourself.  Replace the critical mind talk with loving thoughts.  Cultivate forgiveness for yourself and others.  Both are beneficial to you.
3.  Work to enhance your interpersonal skills.  When a potential significant other does come along, you will need these skills.
4. Practice seeing and treating everyone around you, as if they were important to you.  Treat them with the respect you would show a beloved partner.  This can begin the healing of loneliness.
5. Commit yourself to excellent self-care.  Create the life you want and have the courage to live it as a single man or woman.  Don’t wait for someone else to show up to validate you.
6. Take time for yourself.  Become curious about who you are and learn more about you.  Pay close attention and honor your emotions, thoughts, and physical body.
7. Live in the present and make wise choices. This is the only time you can really count on.

Living single is a sacred and valid path.  Live it with dignity!