Dear Clients and Friends,
We are all aware of the violence, hatred, wars, abuses, national and international political conflicts that seem to be occupying center stage in today’s news.  Most of us feel powerless to help, saddened by it all, and often weary from the telling.
However, we are not helpless.  We can make a huge difference on this planet by tending to our own relationships, just as we would lovingly tend to a garden.  We can keep our interactions with every person in our lives compassionate and peaceful, if we desire to do so.  Each one of us is part of the Human Family, regardless of any differences that might seem to separate us.  When we think about these differences, they really are minor and unimportant compared to the human qualities and the human experiences that we share.
When all of our relationships are peaceful, we are contributing both to the peace in the world and the peace within us.  We are doing something to help eliminate violence and illness in our own bodies and minds, as well as on our precious Planet.
Dr. Deepak Chopra reminds us, “The best way to eliminate an enemy is to increase their sense of happiness and well-being.”
A perceived enemy will feel less fearful and less defensive.  This is the beginning of trust.  Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy and peaceful relationship.
So, how does one begin to heal a conflict with another person?   Oprah Winfrey asked this challenging question to a television guest, the wise and respected Buddhist teacher and monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.
He explained, “Ask your enemy to tell you about his  suffering and pain. This is the way to begin. Then really listen to him!”
Each one of us can make the commitment to help heal our Earth home and ourselves in the process. As Gandhi  said so beautifully, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


May peace be with us all, everywhere…