Over the years, I have thought a lot about the healing process, as I have had various health challenges along the way.  Healing does not just pertain to the physical body, but can also be expanded to our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  For example, often in living our lives, we need healing from our experiences, relationships, and from emotional and psychological crises.
From my own life challenges, I have learned many valuable lessons.  One of the most important insights for me has been this: Personal healing must take place on many levels to support physical, emotional, and psychological health.  In this article, I want to focus on some important emotional and mental attributes that can contribute to our personal healing process.  This is a huge topic, but I will attempt to touch on some parts of it.
In the past year, I have had time to consider my life. As fear loomed up before me relating to my health concerns, I discovered, surprisingly, strength and courage in me, that I never imagined existed.  I often remind my clients:  Life is always teaching us something of value.  I have come to truly appreciate the incredible power of external courage, self-esteem, and inner guidance available to each one of us for support.  These can work together to create miracles for surviving life’s biggest obstacles.
Dr. Caroline Myss states so well, “No one is born with good self-esteem or courage.  These are earned powers.  They come by learning little by little, that you can handle the greatest fears of the human experience and still survive.”
These words of wisdom by self-esteem guru, Dr. Caroline Myss, have helped sustain me through the healing process. They have offered strength and wisdom, along with other inspiring teachers who bring empowering messages.
In closing, I am sharing some of these wise teachings here, with you.  It is my hope that you will gain insight and wisdom from their guidance.  I hope, too, you will be encouraged to begin making the powerful changes needed to move you through your own difficulties.  May these collected truths connect you to your inner strength and your place of self-love and healing.

Messages for Inner Healing

“Self-esteem is the ability to hold yourself in enough respect, that you are strong enough not to compromise who you are for the sake of survival, affection, or success.”
– Dr. Caroline Myss, Ph.D

“Forgiveness is done by me alone.  It comes when I say that I am finished with a situation. It can hold no power over me any longer. I get to decide this by myself and this has nothing to do with another’s actions.”
– Maya Angelou, Poet and Author

“When energy leaves your energy system in fear and doubt, it brings only pain and suffering.  When your energy goes forth in love and trust, it creates heath and gratitude.  Comparing the differences inside you requires emotional awareness.  Healing on every level can only begin when you decide to replace the pain, from fear and doubt, to the joy that comes from love and trust.”
– Gary Zukav, Author

“Stress and anxiety can not be touched or seen.  It is your thoughts that create these false beliefs.  Your thoughts create the feelings that follow them.  You can’t bottle stress or package it.  There are only people, who are engaged in stressful thinking.  Messages are sent into the body, and the body responds in kind. Change your thinking about the world, and you change your whole life.”
– Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ph.D