Renowned Life Coach Anthony (Tony) Robbins once made this statement when discussing a recent economic crisis: “Don’t lose your mind over money.” Later when asked what he meant by his remark, Robbins explained that “each one of us is most definitely responsible for and in charge of his own economic challenges.” How we think about and handle our finances can definitely create stress in our mind and body. This can contribute or detract from our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.
Now is the opportune time to stop and reflect on what we truly do believe about the personal power we hold over our own lives, and how this can affect our health. We might ask ourselves, how do my beliefs about myself and my finances continue to shape my life?
When we feel victimized, unfairly treated, or controlled by forces outside ourselves, we feel powerless to control our financial life. Modern science teaches that an individual’s perception of the world can create their experience of it. When frightened, we respond from thoughts of fear, resulting in a life based on scarcity and lack. However, if we want our financial life to be quite different, we will need to work on changing our perceptions. This often requires making a major shift within ourselves.
If we trust that this is an abundant universe, and we as individuals deserve to be a part of that abundance, it is easier to hold a belief in our prosperity and to achieve it. Believing that prosperity is unattainable contributes to a feeling of financial powerlessness. Movie director Michael Todd once explained, “I have been wealthy and I have been broke in my lifetime. However, I am always prosperous, because prosperity is a state of mind. Eventually, I always climb up the ladder toward wealth again because of my attitude.”
Take a close look at your own belief system. If you believe that prosperity is possible, regardless of worldly economic conditions, prosperity can be within your reach. Remember that your power to create and attract wealth lies within you. By utilizing reason combined with intuition, we can move forward and begin to have a stable and more rewarding financial life.

Rules for a Healthy Financial Attitude

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”

  • Visualize abundance for yourself and others
  • Graciously accept prosperity in all its forms and make no excuses for its acceptance
  • Always affirm abundance for yourself and others
  • Mentally picture money coming to you without limiting its source
  • Keep your thinking in the present. All of our power to create prosperity lies in the present.
  • Be grateful for abundance in all areas of your life