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This article was originally published in the Health and Healing Magazine in Fredericksburg, VA

As we move into the Fall of the year, we are reminded of the ever changing patterns of nature’s four seasons. If we begin to closely observe these inevitable changes, we can learn from nature ways in which to handle many of the uninvited challenges that occur in our individual lives.
Nature never resists, tries to control, or stops the process of change. Rather, it flows toward change, as if meeting an old friend with openness and a warm hearted welcome.
We can choose to greet life’s inevitable challenges with fear in our belly and a clenched fist. However, we can choose to respond with courage, flexibility, and even acceptance. The decision is ours! Our life journey cannot be held back, no matter how much we may wish it. Life continually pushes itself forward. Suffering often comes when we try to control or hold back this process.
Taking positive action to assist change can be helpful. Often our resources and our energy are needed to sustain ourselves and others, as life’s movement carries us onward. One thing is for certain, change always brings with it opportunities for self-growth and renewed of our life’s lessons. Now, as we watch nature transform into a new and glorious season, we have the opportunity to see the infinite possibilities change carries in it. Nature is a reflection of our own personal life. She can be a wonderful teacher for human beings wanting to move forward in harmony and peace.
Embrace change today, and bring your love to this  adventure called living!
Let yourself be slowly pulled forward by the beauty of what you really love.
– RUMI, 13 Century Mystic & Poet
Change is inevitable, Struggle is optional!
– Mark Twain