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Live a less chaotic and more peaceful lifestyle.

If you’re facing life’s health hurdles or if you are the caregiver of someone in need, your day-to-day reality can feel overwhelming and stressful. Remember that stress, a diagnosis, or a disability do not define you. You can learn to reduce stress and skillfully manage health issues to lead a more peaceful and independent life.

For Patients

  • Develop new ways of thinking and feeling about your situation
  • Lead a more fulfilling and creative life
  • Discover your true self not defined by illness

For Caregivers

  • Restore balance while delivering care responsibly
  • Maximize self-care
  • Regain physical, mental, and spiritual energy

Why work with me?

I’ve worked for the Virginia Commission for the Blind, serving clients in social services for 3 years. In addition, I’ve worked as a social worker at the Lighthouse for the Blind in Houston where I counseled low vision clients, as well as worked with the multiple-handicapped community employed at that facility. For many years I worked as a staff supervisor and social worker for local and state agencies in TX providing services for people who were chronically ill or faced physical challenges. I loved collaborating with healthcare providers, facilitating support groups, and individually counseling clients and their families. I helped them regain a sense of hope, well-being, and empowerment on their journey to self-care. In 1989, I was also appointed by the Texas Governor to the Board of Directors for the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Today, I enjoy serving as a member of the Integrative Medical Program of the Mary Washington Healthcare Regional Cancer Center.

Live a healthier, more peaceful, and balanced life!