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This article originally appeared in Chamberlink

by Marcia Grimsley

IF WE LOOK AROUND, WE will still see that the world is filled with people like ourselves, working hard to become financially secure. Yet, many of us are not achieving the prosperity we want. Often, frustrated and worried, we ask WHY?

I would like to propose some practice, but perhaps, unconventional suggestions to ponder as we consider this question…

In my years as a management consultant and a personal and corporate life coach, I have observed some universal prosperity principles that are often overlooked. Listening to other people’s stories, I have discovered that many of us fear our own financial lack and decline, yet turn away from learning new systems that challenge our old way of thinking.

In adopting a new approach to prosperity thinking, I offer the following considerations for increasing financial abundance:

  • Be willing to look at any fears of money and success and the responsibilities that accompany their achievement.
  • Create a prosperity plan. Write our goals, work them daily, and visualize the outcomes you desire.
  • Refrain from talking about failure and hard times
  • Never criticize or condemn such in anyone.
  • Think and speak positively about money, weather it comes to you or is flowing from you.
  • Stay focused in the present. Living in the future creates feelings of fear and worry.
  • Work at what you love.
  • Become comfortable and responsible with money.
  • Help others to prosper.
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for your life.

Outer circumstances reflect inner thinking. The stock market is a good example of this. Millionaires are made in hard times as well as in prosperous times. Remember, philosophers have continued to remind us that man was born to be rich, or to grow rich, through the use of his mind!